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March 31, 2006
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Wildlife Package 03 by big-d-stock Wildlife Package 03 by big-d-stock
Another Wildlife Package!

Hope you'll find some use for these/those stocks :)


::: Terms of Usage :::

:bulletred: My stockphoto's/resources can be used for all non-commercial purposes.

:bulletred: If you want to use my stockphoto's/resources for commercial purposes, you'll need my written permission!

:bulletred: You don't need my permission if you want to use my stocks/resources in your DA-prints!

:bulletred: Credit me by placing a link to this stock-account
(or the stock/resources you've used).

:bulletred: Place a link to your artwork at my stock- or mainaccount, so I can see what you've made with my stock.

Hope you'll enjoy my stocks/resources.

:iconbig-d: or :iconbig-d-stock:


Main account: [link]
Stock account: [link]
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MeMyselfAndMaddy Nov 4, 2012  Student Interface Designer
Thanx for a great stock images!

used here: [link]
[link] i used it as an avatar on a rping site.. I hope that is okay ^^
It's ok with me :)
A very generous pack, and gorgeous photography! Any chance I could order one at a larger size (higher res)?
Thanks a lot :)

And I'm very sorry, but I don't have the stockphoto's at higher resolutions than in the packages anymore (I deleted the higher resolutions :| )

My future stockpackages might have higher resolutions though :)
Thanks for getting back to me - seems a shame to not have such great photos available for print, etc... You could easily be a professional stock photographer. Have you looked into Dreamstime, iStockphoto, etc.? Dreamstime pays quite well, iStockphoto less so. Just a suggestion. I'd prefer you stayed here on DA and offered your wonderful work for free, of course... :lol:

Anyway, thank you once more for the extremely generous contributions to DA!
Thanks for the compliment about my stockphoto's :)
Those photo's are mostly 'leftovers' of a series of photo's I've taken.
The better photo's of these series can be found at my main account: *big-d
The photo's which can be found at that account will hopefully be for sale one day :)

I've heard of the stockphoto websites where it's possible to sell your stockphoto's.
I didn't join sites like that, because formerly when I still made designs, I liked it too if I could get my stockphoto's for free.
So that's why I provide my stockphoto's for free :)

(Maybe I'll just upload a few stockphoto's at sites like above in the future, but most of them will still be for free :D)
Perhaps you could offer the better ones for sale at a stockphoto site? And the big-d-stock ones will remain free. (Free is good!)
wow, these pictures are amazing!! :D
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